Important links that will help keep you in touch, and keep you informed.

Request for Transcripts - From Quantum Veritas International University Systems

EMail to Dr. Edwin Floyd, keeper of the records, Chancellor of QVIUS

Alumni Registration - Register at QVIUS as alumni of our schools

Quantum Veritas International University - Current home of our records

State Board of Calif. - A good place to search for CA licensed chiros.

Calif License Search - Find out about a CA licensed chiropractor

Chiroweb - Looking for a fellow DC? Here is a good place to start

Dynamic Chiropractic - Chiropractic News for all DC's

WCA and Chiropractic Journal online - Dr. Terry Rondberg's paper

The Chiropractic Resource Organization -! By Chiropractors, for Chiropractors

The International Chiropractors Association

The American Chiropractic Association

The California Chiropractic Association

The International Chiropractors Association of California