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Do you remember any of these instructors?

Allison, Eugene Fields D.C. (Deceased)
Anderson, G. Douglas Ph.D, D.C.
Arria, Sal D.C. - X-ray
Neal P. Benon
Birozy, Michael D.C.(graduate of LACC)
Boone, Ralph DC (Deceased)
Bustin, Gary D.C., DACBR (graduate of LACC, now full time radiologist)
Calamag, Lucy M.D. - Physiology
Cauble, David DC (a representative for SCCC)
Davis, Robert W .D.C (graduate of PCOC)
Erlander, Stig PhD (from LACC). Now has a weekly nutrition show on Cable TV
Franklin, Clarence D.C. - Physical Therapy
Fuhr, Arlan teaching Activator
Hamilton, Paul D.C.(graduate of Chiropratic Institute of New York)
Heath, Dale A. D.C (graduate of LACC, now practicing in Utah)
Hedgecock, James D.C. - Retired - First Dean and Multi-Technique instructor

Hodgsen, Thyren (Bill) DC (now practicing in Santa Ana, CA)
Jacobus, Scott D.C (graduate of LACC)
Kaibel, Jerilyn D.C.
Kirby, Jay D.C. - Clinic
Klivans, Craig D.C.
Levine, Joel D.C. (graduate of CCCLA)
Lowery, Carroll T. D.C., DABCO (graduate of Atlantic states Chiropractic College)
Malby, Howard DC
Pathek, Hemet M.D., D.C.(Deceased)
Pick, Mark D.C. - S.O.T.
Repovich, Wendy Ph.D (graduate of U.S.C.)
Rickards, Ray Ph D - Bacteriology, Parasitology
Robinson, Earl D.C.- Diversified Technique (Deceased)
Scharfman, Daniel D.C.
Schultz, Paul D.C. , Ph.D.(graduate of LACC, now deceased)
Scranton, Robert D.C. - Chiropractic techniques (Palpation)
Siegel, Gregory S. D.C.(graduate of CCCLA)
Slattery, Ron D.C.- DNFT
Steinhouser, Joseph B. D.C.(graduate of PCOC, now an Activator instructor)
Steinhouser, Judy D.C.(graduate of PCOC, now an Activator instructor)
Stuart, Richard D.O., Ph.D. ( Deceased)
Tobin, Terry Ph.D.
Tong, Victor Y. D.C., DACBR (graduate of Logan College, now a full time radiologist)
Van Rumpt, Richard DC was teaching DNFT (Deceased)
Webster, Randy (Logan graduate, taught Logan Basic Technique)
Yoshihara, Henry D.C. - Anatomy & Dissection

Dr. Anderson (From Dynamic Chiropractic)

When, G. Douglas Andersen graduated from El Modena High School in Orange, California, it was with academic and athletic honors. He then entered California State University at Fullerton. While at California State, Fullerton, Dr. Andersen met Lisa Tenckhoff, whose brother, Carl, was beginning his internship at Pasadena College of Chiropractic.

"One day, when I was walking around campus, wearing a neck brace, Lisa told me about her brother. I had never been to a chiropractor before, but was willing to try anything. After my first adjustment from Dr. Tenckhoff, the pain that usually took one week to dissipate, with drugs and a neck brace, was gone in two days. I told my parents, who had many friends who were medical doctors, that the chiropractic treatment was the best thing to happen to my neck in years. I was upset that so many doctors had told my parents and me that if I went to a chiropractor, my neck would be permanently damaged. I feel the only reason my neck is not permanently damaged now is that I received chiropractic care."

Dr. Andersen graduated from California State University at Fullerton in 1980, with a bachelor of arts in business administration. In 1981, he began taking science courses and enrolled at Pasadena College of Chiropractic in 1982. There are many reasons why Dr. Andersen wanted to be a chiropractor, one of which was his interest in nutrition. He borrowed or bought every tape he could get hold of. For three years, as he did his daily two to three-hour commute, he'd listen to clinical nutrition lectures from people like Jeffrey Bland, Jonathan Wright, Allan Gaby, and many others. By the time he graduated, he estimated that during his commuting, he had listened to approximately 1,500 hours of clinical nutrition lectures and seminars.

Dr. Andersen received his bachelor of science degree in human biology in 1983, and graduated magna cum laude in 1985 when he received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. In 1986, Dr. Andersen began private practice in Brea, California. In February 1989, he was invited to join a pilot program with five other DCs. They were given staff privileges at Doctors Hospital of Buena Park. This was only the second hospital in California to have chiropractors on staff.

In March 1990, Dr. Andersen was named to assist Dr. Tim Brown as medical directors for the Association of Beach Volleyball Professionals. It is a salaried position that includes traveling with the Pro Volleyball Tour. Dr. Brown states, "We believe this is the first time in the history of professional sports that chiropractors have been hired to coordinate and manage all phases of healthcare for a professional sport." (Back to Top)

Dr. Allison (Eulogy)

Dr. Eugene Fields Allison, 84, of Northridge, California, passed away March 28 after a short illness. Dr. Allison graduated from LACC in 1960 and began practice in Glendale, California. He spent years studying with Dr. Gonstead in Mt. Horeb, and was one of the field doctors who brought the Gonstead technique to Southern California. Dr. Allison taught the technique for years at the Pasadena College of Chiropractic, and was instrumental in the development of the full-spine radiograph. (Back to Top)

Dr. Benon

I recall his persistent comment of "God Willin' and the Creek don't
rise..." followed by some advice. And his gigantic Caddy that was always
at the back of the clinic. Neil was into a lot of the recoil type
adjusting and, of course, pretty straight. I wish I could recall more
aside from the fact that he was a decent sort. (from R. Colley '83) (Back to Top)

Dr. Haynes (Eulogy)

Dr. George Haynes brought his presidency at the LACC to an end in 1976 and was succeeded by A. Earl Homewood, DC, ND, LLB, and very soon thereafter by W. Heath Quigley, DC, MS. In his final years, as he struggled with multiple myeloma, he served as a member of the board of trustees of the Pasadena College of Chiropractic (Kirby, 1979). His family recalls that he simply would not sit around idly; this quiet, intellectually gifted and hard-working man had to find something useful with which to occupy himself.

Yet here was a quiet man, a chiropractor who moved gracefully and confidently within the circles of higher education. Here was a gentleman who never sought the limelight, who tread softly as he covered long distances. Here was a nobleman of the profession who labored diligently behind the scenes and followed his vision to a loftier station for chiropractic. His life story merits further scrutiny. (Back to Top)

Dr. Kaibel (C.V.)

A graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College at Los Angeles (CCCLA), Dr. Jerilynn S. Kaibel formerly attended Marycrest College in Kankakee, Illinois and the University of Maryland Extension in Kami Seya, Japan. Dr. Kaibel has served on the post-graduate faculty of the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic (LACC), CCCLA, and Pasadena College of Chiropractic (now Southern California College of Chiropractic) . She is a member of the ACA, the California Chiropractic Society (CCA), the Riverside County Chiropractic Society, and the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations (COCSA). (Back to Top)

Dr. Klivans (Remembers)

I was a clinician with Dr. Dan Scharfman in the out patient clinic when we were on "Homicide Hill" (the Jr. High School on North Marengo Ave.) I taught PT for years, and when JG Anderson retired I taught "his course" Clinical Neurology (Of course the deal was I got to use a copy of his notes!)

Dr. Schultz (Eulogy)

The Rev. Paul-Christian G.W. Schultz DC, a man of broad interests and schooling, was a founder and professor of the Pasadena College of Chiropractic. Influenced by a relative, Dr. Karl Schultz, a physician-lawyer who wrote the original Calif. Chiropractic Act and founded the Los Angeles Institute of Naturopathy, Paul-Christian had formal studies in chemistry, philosophy, homeopathy, food science, law, theology, medical science, public health, biology, sociology, naturopathy, among others, and received numerous advanced degrees.

After returning from medical studies at the University of Heidelberg, in Germany, he chaired the basic science dept. at the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic (then in Glendale) until 1980, and was named emeritus professor. While teaching full time at the Glendale campus, he earned his DC degree after 15 years of part-time study, and was also the college's chaplain. After leaving LACC, he taught part-time at the Southern Calif. College of Chiropractic, and completed his Master of Divinity degree in Geneva, Switzerland. Dr. Schultz leaves behind his wife, Ada Ortiz, a daughter, Ana Florencia, and two sons, Juan Pablo, and Martin Jose, along with five siblings. (Back to Top)

Dr. Pathek (Eulogy)

The board of trustees of the Southern California College of Chiropractic (SCCC) recently established a scholarship fund in the name of the late Hemet Pathek, M.D., D.C. Dr. Pathek was originally from India and joined the staff of Pasadena College in 1985. He remained as one of the few administrators as SCCC began. Dr. Pathek served in the capacities as academic dean and dean of continuing education, as well as teaching classes. (Back to Top)

Dr. Tobin (Research)

Kirlian photography (aka corona discharge photography or spark electrography) has been shown to demonstrate an electrochemical image of pre- and post-adjustment with definite change in image. Past research in this field correlating homeopathic and acupuncture response has been documented. Terry Tobin, PhD , who was director of research at the former Pasadena College of Chiropractic, did direct some early chiropractic investigation of "The Effect of Spinal Manipulation on Energy Fields in the Fingers as Assessed by Kirlian Photography," as reported in Chiropractic USA, April, 1983. Further research evaluating chiropractic response with this modality needs to be done. The potential of Kirlian photographic assessment in chiropractic could be phenomenal. It may be possible to image living tissue with this modality and show a post-treatment response of life force before and after the chiropractic adjustment. (Back to Top)

Dr. Stuart

This amazing man had three Ph.D.'s one in anatomy, one in physiology and one in psychology. He was previously the Dean of California College of Osteopathy which later became the medical school at UC Irivine. He passed away in1990 at the age of I believe 84. I used to get notes from his wife Marilyn who was still living in Glendale, but I haven't heard from her in many years. Perhaps you remember our birthday celebration with him. I especially remember a bunch of us taking him to the dive The Other Ball. Do you remember? (Back to Top)

Dr. Scharfman

After graduation from PCOC, Dr. Scharfman was hired as in instructor for Special Senses and Jurisprudence. He then became Assistant Clinic Director and later, was clinician at LACC. He came back to PCOC as Director of Student Services and Director of Financial Aid and was appointed Director of the Outpatient Clinic and Chairman of the Chiropractic Sciences Division. His last position with the school was Director of Continuing Education.

For the past 5.5 years he has been teaching/administrating at a vocational school, United Education Institute. He started as a part-time Medical Assistant instructor at their Huntington Park campus, became Program Director of the Medical Assistant Program at HP, then Medical Assistant Program Specialist for the corporation (International Education Corporation) for all of their campuses coast-to-coast, then Executive Campus Director of the UEI Van Nuys campus. As of June 1, 2000 He has been promoted to Dean of Southern California International College at Van Nuys (another division of the IEC). (Back to Top)