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Q. How long did the college(s) exist?
A. The first class (mostly transfer students) started in February 1974 and the last students transferred out in November of 1995.

Q. Was the school accredited?
A. Yes. There was multiple accreditation that is detailed on the HISTORY page.

Q. How many states accept graduates from the college?
A. As far as we know, no state has rejected anyone from the college.

Q. How do I get my transcripts?
A. Contact QVIUS by clicking HERE.

Q. What if I know where one of our graduates practices or lives?
A. CLICK HERE and fill out what you know.

Q. I would like to have info about me on the page. How do I do that?
A. CLICK HERE to contact the Webmaster (Dr. Ken Martin)

Q. Who pays for this webpage?
A. The Webmaster

Q. Can I donate any money to help support the webpage or the Alumni?
A. Yes. Contact the Webmaster.