The Alumni Detective

Last Updated 03/09/09
This page is here to help us find our fellow Alumni who are not in practice, have moved and we have no forwarding address, or have gone to visit D.D. & B.J.

If you see a name listed below or missing from the directory and you know where they might be located, please drop an email to Dr. Ken Martin or click on this page and we will folllow through. We would like to have for every alumni, a current address and phone number, a fax number and email address. If you have visited the Alumni Directory and there is an empty space, please feel free to help us fill in the blanks. Together, we can have contact with our schoolmates as much as is possible.

FOUND! Irv Gehres called me out of the blue! He is living in Arizona, is retired from chiropractic, but teaches at Glendale (Ariz) Community College and at the Police Training Academy! He has no email, but can be reached by contacting me (the webmaster) - Dr. Ken Martin.

Ron Norris emailed me and asked for some info, so his email link is now on the directory page.

James Klof emailed me and gave me his updated information as well as that of his brother.

Angela Klingbail sent me her information as well as that of her father Richard (with whom I went to school! - Dr. Martin)

Lloye (Stanton) Fransen sent me her email. She is in No. Calif.


First Name

Last Name

Last Known Address

Year Graduated

Don W. Benefiel   1978
Frank Buscaino   1977
Nanette M. Evans   1978
Kathryn Feathers    
Dennis C. Fink   1977
Diane Fletcher    
Guillermo Gradillas Taos, NM  
Ronald B. Hales   1978
Elizabeth A. Havlick/Loder Oregon 1978
Linda Hayden Santa Monica  
Larry J. Holland   1978
Louis E. Jijon   1977
Marianne A. Jones    
William Kupferer    
John Lowery    
Fausto Mendez   1977
Mary L. Olinger   1978
William Pope Oklahoma  
Ly Quyen    
Dimmie Rosenfeld    
Alan Scotnantz    
Gary Simon    
Lloye Stanton FOUND!  
Harold Stern   1977
Mike Tatum    
Tita Verdugo    
Richard Wiseman